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How to break the Early Reviewer Bad Luck Mojo....it's a Tuesday Thing!

Yes, I am late with my answer, but I had to work! Since the question was not up when I left at 5:15 a.m. and it seems my employer now has all blogs blocked on the internet while I am at work...well, it had to wait.
But now I am home, and ready to consider this week's question, presented for our consideration by Wendi at Wendi's Book Corner.

Over the past few weeks, as we explore LT and blogging, I've seen a lot of comments about Library Thing's Early Reviewer program as a place that you receive books and ARCs from...
Fun facts from the February ER batch: There were 68 books available, with 1,760 copies available all-together. 2,093 people applied for one of 30 copies of Stupid American History: Tales of Stupidity, Strangeness, and Mythconceptions by Leland Gregory!

Question: Were you aware of the Early Reviewer Program? Have you received any books from the program? If you have, how have you liked the book(s)? Any other thoughts on the LTER program?

Have I heard of Library Thing's Early Reviewer program?
Well, to answer that, let me share my tale of woe. Have I told you before?...It is very very sad. A box of tissues will be right over here if you need one.

Just about a year ago, I joined Library Thing. Let me just say that I love LT...I love the order it brought to my books, I love that never again will I buy a look because I forgot I already had it, because now my friend Library Thing will tell me "Stupid...you have that book already. Pick a different one!" See, I love Library Thing, but it is a little ambivalent about me. As you will see by the fact that it called me stupid.
Anyhoo, right off the bat, while still stacking piles of books next to my computer, books who waited patiently for me to enter their ISBN number in LT, I happen upon the Early Reviewer program. Never before was I aware that publishers and authors gave books to people, people who in return would write a review. Wow!

I entered.
I won a nice book.
Next month, I entered, again.
Next month, I won, again.

In all, I won 10 books, in eight months in a row. One month I won 3 books in a series by the mystery writer Arnaldur Indridason. I was in heaven.
But then, I mentioned my great luck here in blogland, in a post or a comment...and have never won a good since. So started the ERBLM...the Early Reviewer Bad Luck Mojo.
5 months, 5 messages of my sad misfortune. In fact, I recieved another negative message just today.
So sad...a tear falls gently to the keyboard. {{sob...sob}}

Ok, I would love to score some more ER books but seriously, how can I be sad? I paid $25 for a lifetime membership to LT and as a plus, beside the wonder that is Library Thing, I have received 10 lovely free books.

Have I like them? Some not so much, some very much! Several were written by authors I had not heard of before, so I also found new authors as another plus. And then I also get the chance every month to read the descriptions of all the books offered, entertaining in itself. Many very, very interesting books, some going on my wish list for future purchases. Because you know, I am in desperate need of more books....NOT! lol

Ok, now to you think I might have broken the Early Reviewer Bad Luck Mojo and might get another one someday? Someday soon? I will read it very quickly, it will go right to the very top of the pile. I will write a review just as fast as my little fingers can type...both of the ones I use to type.

If not, I will take another off the TBR pile. Watch out Kitty!!! {{meow...meow}}

>^,,^< Look! It's a kitty!


  1. Not to make you all jealous or nothing...but I've had almost the opposite experience with ER. I failed to win anything so many times, even when it seemed like I was a good match. Then I won a couple, separated by several months, which had 100 copies offered so a much better chance, but I didn't care for them that much.

    Then last fall, I suddenly started winning almost every month. Given, they have been bizarrely good matches for my library, but it's still a fun surprise. But good luck to you, and may the algorithm bless you next month!

  2. I haven't heard of anyone winning more than 10. I just won my 10th. They do want to spread the wealth so maybe 10 is the upper limit right now?

  3. Yes, I can see the point about spreading the wealth, really I can. I am happy for all those getting a book this month. Really... {{sob..son}}
    Maybe 10 is a sort of limit...but is it forever. Should I dash my hopes?

    Still, it is a wonderful program and I thank it for introducing me to the whole ARC thing...and saving Kitty.

  4. Hell has truly frozen over! After 7" Sorry, you did not manage to snag a book this month, but do not despair" messages,( and frankly I was starting to despair,) this month I got the message "Congratulations". I am psyched, also a tad sore when I fell off the chair in amazement and hit the wood floor in a thump. Wow, my head is still spinning. I gotta go lie down. Hope your bad luck mojo is soon good luck mojo.

  5. OK, you are all going to think I am a schlub, but I have not signed up for Library Thing. I've been told that signing up is the sure way to get ARCs, and I do appreciate the advice. I'm just very afraid. I spend so much time on the computer, I'm pretty close to having my husband pull the plug on me, because I tend to sit on here and not clean the house! My fear is that LT would be the straw that would break my back! That or Twitter!

  6. Here's wishing for some good luck mojo to come your way! I received an ER book yesterday and a I notice that I've snagged another one. Maybe your luck rubbed off on me.

  7. I had two in a row then nothing for ages. Yesterday I got another - yay! I hope your luck turns too. (I am in the UK, so three books is better luck than it sounds!)

  8. caite, this might interest you. I had sent Stephen Lovely, author of Irreplaceable a note re my review of his book and how much I enjoyed it but was not too thrilled with the cover. He says he is not too keen on it either and hopes it does not turn people off. I told him of your post and saying it should be "less pink". It seems authors don't really have much say on the cover art, at least debut authors don't. Interesting.

  9. well, the good ER luck you have all experienced just makes me feel worse...thank you very much. I don't get it...I was a good ER'er...Ihave a BIG library posted to compare my requests to...I read the ER goods right away, before anything else in fact, posted reviews at once...{{sob..sob}}

    Sandy, I am a fan of Library Thing. Mainly because it has let me get my books in order, cyberly. Now yes, you can spend a lot of time posting in the groups, but that is certainly not necessary. So it does not have to be a big time user at all.
    Twitter..I still do not get the appeal...and I don't have the time I find.

  10. Well, I've never gotten one book from LT. I must not be posting enough reviews or just have bad mojo. How about sending some good mojo my way or tell me the secret to scoring a book out of LT. :)

  11. :) As always - I'm ending the evening with a smile - many thanks!

    Your tale of woe is making me feel less lonely . . . although I'm really hoping your dry streak gets a little rain soon!

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week, we're taking a look at the section called LT Member Giveaways. ~ Wendi


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