Wednesday, October 8, 2008

a review of Arsenic Soup for Lovers

Arsenic Soup For Lovers: When Chicken Soup Doesn't Work by Georgia Z Post

It's a clever title and I loved the book's cover...cute. And then the promise of something to read that is short and funny, or as the book is described on the back cover, a “tart and wickedly amusing collection”, was hopeful. If you have read other reviews of mine, you will know that I love an amusing book. If only it were true in this case....

Now granted, humor is a personal thing, but I can't honestly say that I found any of the 25 two or three page stories in the collection funny. One, called “Valentines” was rather sweet but the word that came to mind after reading most of them was....well, creepy.
A lot of spouses cheating on each other with the offended spouse taking some sort of revenge, often in a quite nasty way. Now, maybe if you have found yourself in that situation, you might find some of the actions funny, but I can't say that I did. And while the stories are very short and granted, don't leave much room for development, I often found the endings to the stories needlessly abrupt.

As I said, humor is an individual thing, and there might be people out there that find this sort of thing funny, but I am sorry to say that it didn't do it for me.


  1. I guess I looked at it hoping most of the evil ones were not based in truth and maybe something you would see in a movie, creepy in a good way perhaps. I liked the endings (except the few that didn't make sense) I was always waiting for the last twist!

    I think if there were any more stories it would have gotten old very quickly.

  2. you are more forgiving than

  3. Oh i totally know i am. LOL! I have sat through movies that were absolutely horrible just so i could see how it ended. Something really has to make me angry for me to not like it at least somewhat. But then again to me most things are far from perfect, most everything is just so-so! I guess i make things sound better than they are sometimes!

  4. well...I figure with any sort of recommendation, be it a restaurant or a movie that I tell a friend about or a book that I review, which is the same as telling a friend, because you, my readers are all my friends (so long as I don't actually have to meet you)...anyhoo, with any sort of good review, I am asking people to spend money based on what I say.

    Being cheap myself, I take that responsibility seriously.


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