Sunday, August 31, 2008

Among our own kind..

Now, I understand that there are people that don't read books. They actually don't really like books. They don't see why some of us buy so many, and want to write about them and discuss them in various forums. They think we may have a bit of a 'problem'.

Oh TBR pile almost fell over and crushed my imaginary's OK, Kitty.
Now, where was I? Oh, yes, they think we may have a problem! How silly! Yes, you know who you

But, take heart, there are others like us. It struck home when I was reading something from the Book Maven over at Publishers Weekly, talking about the book festivals that will start to pop up now, as autumn arrives.

"I finally identified the feeling at Book Expo one year, roaming around the convention center in Los Angeles. These are my kind, I thought, as I watched the hoards loaded down with bags of advance copies. I don't need to explain to them the excitement of an eagerly awaited title, the pleasure of a perfectly designed book or the mixed feelings of a favorite made into a mediocre movie. There is enormous relief in being among fellow believers."

So true, so true..


  1. That's the way I feel when chatting at LibraryThing. Inveritably its a gut response that I'm amongst my kind. Lovely thought :o)


  2. It's rough when you come from a family of readers and marry into a family that doesn't read. At least my son loves reading, too, and he's an English major.

  3. oh...a 'mixed' marriage!
    It's funny. My sil was not a big reader when she and my brother got married. I think that her 'converted' her. But she is all fiction..and he is all non-fiction.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Letters on Pages...glad you like it! I like your blog too...I've added it to my reader!


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