Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drum Roll Please! Introducing....

I think the world can be divided into two sorts of people.
Cat people and dog people.
OK, there are some who claim to be bi-species, but honestly, I think they are fooling themselves.
Or lying.

Dog people, I think, are more needy or just want more for their money. They want interaction. They want to be needed. They want adoration, total adoration.
Cat people, on the other hand, want a creature with more independence, a creature who is just doing you the favor of hanging around and allowing you to feed them and admire their beauty.

I will admit, I have always considered myself a dog person.
We had a dog when I grew up and as an adult I have owned two dogs, Clancy (after the Clancy Brothers) and Maggie (after my mom). And, of course, these days, I have my doggie nephews, the ever adorable Bandit and Sammy. Oh, they are so cute!
But, as I have mentioned, my work schedule requires me to work 12 1/4 hour shifts. Add in travel and I am gone 13 hours, something a dog can not deal with.
I have considered alternatives, like a cat, buy my sister in law is allergic, so I never considered it very seriously.

Like the Soul Patch Larry!
Until Larry.
See, Larry had a problem.
A serious problem.
It's a long story, but basically his future was dire. Either he was going to find a new home or he was going to be put to sleep. So, sucker that I am, after a day of texts from The Niece, and with approval from the SIL, Larry came to live at Casa da Caite.

He arrived in a pet carrier, fresh from a vet visit. So he was already very upset. The door of said carrier was open, I saw a flash of black and white, and that was the last I saw of Larry.
For two days.
He was here.
I saw his eyes, glowing under the couch.
I went online and read about bringing a cat into a new home and they said hiding was normal. For as long as a week!
But on the third day, finally, he came out to eat and drink and use his litter box.
While I was gone.

Then on the fourth day he appeared. Yes, I actually saw him. For about 15 seconds.
He stood in the doorway and meowed at me. Twice.
And then disappeared.
But last night, we had a breakthrough.

I was reading in my family room and he appeared at the doorway.
Seems he like doorways and grand entrances.
He meowed and I said, "Larry, how are you? Why don't you come in for awhile."
And he did!
He looked out the patio door, he rubbed his back on the rug. He jumped in my lap!
OK, I guess I have a cat.

Welcome home Larry!

P.S. Wait. Maybe I spoke too soon, since he disappeared again today. Maybe our relationship is developing....

Yes, at night cats turn their glow-in-the dark eyes on!


  1. Great post, Caite. It is very nice of you to rescue Larry. I do have to say that last shot looks very scary.

  2. My son used to drag every unwanted cat home to me, I was to tame them and make them cuddly. I found the best way was to just let them come to me in their own due time. So like you, as I was sitting and watching TV they would eventually come and curl up in my lap and purr away. I found it so amazing. They are the ones who decides, OK, you can be my slave girl.

  3. this is very typical behavior for a newly adopted cat ... he is learning to trust you ... just keep doing what you are doing, you are a natural, let him come to you .. I am sure that while you are not home he is exploring the premises and getting familiar with his new home .. hugs to you for saving an animal ..

  4. Aw, it sounds like Larry had a rough time so I can see why he's skittish. Kudos to you for rescuing him!

  5. This is a wonderful thing you did, Caite. I'm sure Larry appreciates the nice new home and your company. He's a beauty!

  6. i told you larry would be the happiest kitty of all time. his soul patch makes him SO SO CUTE, hes prob been on soul train! (the french edition that is...)

  7. What a beautiful friend! They definitely have their moments of wanting attention and then not. I wish mine were a bit more cuddly, but respect them for not being that way too.

  8. Hello Larry!!! I love his little soul patch and his glow in the dark eyes! He'll come around and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better!!!

  9. yes, I trust he will come around in his own time. I think he will be a fairly cuddly guy, but like ya said, he will be who he is.

    He came out when I came home from work this morning. ok, it may have been because I filled his food bowl, but we did play for awhile with his fish on a pole toy. before he hid again.
    he is a sweety. but I do love that soul

  10. I love happy cat stories and it looks like Larry is having one. He sounds like a honey.

  11. Thanks for your comment and yes indeed, I see why you thought it was a perfect day for!!!

    Do you live near Philly? Though we're in NC now (and have been for years), I'm originally from that area. (I noticed your Wordless Wednesday post below this one...)

  12. Great post and so glad you have each other and your family ~ He is handsome ~thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^ and ArtMuseDog ^_^

  13. AW..thank you for rescuing him. I've always been a cat lover. Once they are won over, they are YOURS!
    Thank you for linking to On your Heart Tuesdays

  14. First the e-reader, now cats? You are a girl after my own heart. I actually believe myself to be bi-species. I only have five cats now, but have had dogs, and intend to have another at some point. Cats just need to establish normalcy. If he has been on your lap, he now owns you.

    (And I had a huge belly laugh at the part where you talked about your 12 1/4 hour shits.)

  15. ok, a little typo, that now exists only in Sandy's

  16. What a nice story!!! I have the feeling that Larry is going to be very happy in his new home.. and his humans will be happy to have him there as well. :)

  17. He's adorable --- and so is Sammy! You will love him. Cats are special. They can be just as affectionate as dogs. I miss my cats. I have to get one someday . . .


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