Monday, November 28, 2011

Musing Monday..Would a Moonie Like a Book for Christmas?

Monday, so we must be Musing..what is this week's question from MizB at Should Be Reading?...

This week’s musing asks...
Will you be buying books for the holidays, this year? If so, for whom, and why?
  • Maybe.
  • I can't say.
  • Because books are wonderful.
Look, how can I answer this question?
I can't tell you what I am buying for Christmas!
I could lie and say "No, I won't be buying and books for anyone this year."
Or I could tell the truth and maybe let someone who reads this blog and may, hypothetically, be the possible recipient of a book or two, know.
And that would not be right!

So let's look at the past.
Yes, I have given books before but really, they are not an ideal gift in my opinion. How can I say that, being as I love books? Well, they are a very personal item and something that is very hard to buy for someone else. Will they like it, will they hate it? So hard to say.
And what if they have read it already? Unless you really, really know what someone else has read it is a danger. And no one needs two copies of the same book. I can tell you that from personal experience, except in my case, I have bought the duplicates myself. Sad, but true. If they own Legos and you buy them more Legos, that is fine. It they have a sweater and you get them another, no problem. But if you get them another copy of "The da Vinci Code" no one is going to be happy.

Which raises a plea. Everyone in America should use Library Thing! Then, if I wanted to buy you a book, I could just go one there, check out your library and see if you have it.
Really, I would appreciate it.
Just a suggestion.

As to why I would buy someone a you really have to ask?
I love books, I love getting lost in a book and I can think of fewer things more fun to share with someone else than the love of reading. I would like to share it with strangers, let along people I know and like, but I find if you try to give a book to someone on the street they think you are a Moonie or something (ok, who out there remembers the Moonies and those cool group weddings?) and run away.


  1. I love getting books as a gift, but I know exactly what you mean about duplicate!
    Here’s my Musing Mondays post. :)

  2. I won't buy books for someone unless they have made me privy to their Amazon (or similar) "wish list" of books and I love when they do the same, instead of getting me a book because (1) it's on remainder, usually because NO ONE wants to read it or (2) I already have it or (3) I don't have it because I don't want it!

  3. I've already bought a couple books for gifts this year.

  4. yes, a two year old would be

  5. I love getting gifts having anything to do with books, even if it is a duplicate. That's what exchanges are for lol.

  6. That's why gift certificates to a book store can't be beat!

  7. Personally I think a book is a perfect gift .. I am getting a friend a gift certificate to Amazon so he can fill his Kindle as full as he pleases

  8. Yup, I'm getting books for my daughter and husband. But only because I know, what they will like and what books they already own. But I also have friends, who have read one book in their life, and even that because of school. And some of my friends are occasional readers. So.. I would buy books only for my closest family. I guess. Tough question! :D

    Monaliz @ Mind Reading?

  9. i dont know what a moonie is. perhaps i might be the recipient of a book?

    prob dad...

  10. Yes, definitely buying books for a few people on the list. And, hard covers. We all libraries and paperbacks make me nutty. That Library Thing is a fabulous recommendation.

  11. I am definitely buying books just like business as usual, but I'm not gifting books. Not gifting anything because I don't celebrate Christmas. :)

  12. "Everyone in America should use Library Thing!"

    I hear you, I hear you!


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