Monday, August 29, 2011

Bye Bye Irene!!

Hatteras Island, NC
Just to let you know that I and mine weathered Irene in good shape with minimal problems.

As I said, I spent the time over at my brother, not so much that it was safer but because I would not be alone and he has that Oh-So-Cute Sammy. Plus, as we found out Friday night, my sister in law, who had major surgery on her back Wednesday was going to be released from the hospital in Philly, solid neck brace and all, Saturday morning. So someone needed to be available to find her cold beverages and bendy straws!

Most of South Jersey, along the coast, made out pretty well. A lot of trees down, and I mean BIG trees and a LOT of power outages. I heard a guy from the public works department in the town I live in say his crew had removed 17 trees from roads so far that day and that does not touch the ones on private property. Firewood for everyone!!

The Bro's house was without power from about 8 PM Saturday to 3 pm on Sunday, due to a neighbors tree that went down on the only section of power lines that are not buried in his neighborhood. And I must say the tornado warnings that I was getting on my cell phone from the Weather Service Saturday night were rather scary. The first was for the town on the barrier island just east of us and was heading west. That is not good. I hear it did touched down there, but seems to have gotten lost on the way to the Bro's, thank heavens.

My house, when I went over to check on it, was without power. A small tree down in my backyard and a tiny bit of water in my basement from the incredible amount of rain, but nothing to worry about. I got power back sometimes yesterday and it was back when I check here again around noon. Thank goodness. Ice, a stove to make tea, TV...Internet! And a lot of downed branches and leaves...and more leaves. I have seen some damage along the coast north of us in Ocean county, closer to NYC, but not aware of much here.

Now the real damage in NJ and NY state and up to Vermont is flooding, terrible, record flooding from all the rain and runoff into the streams and rivers. Irene was just so big, hundreds of miles across, and slow and so full of water. Down here, our soil is very sandy and drains pretty well. Up in the center of the state, the soil gets more rock and clay and you get hills and mountains and some big rivers and that can add up to huge runoff and rising water.

So let's keep all those people in our minds and prayers, those that lost their lives and those that lost their homes and possessions and all that suffer so much disruption. Bye bye Irene!


  1. I am glad you and yours did not have devastating damage!

  2. I'm glad to hear you and the family are fine, as far as the storm goes. I hope your SIL will have a speedy recovery. So much drama in your family over the week-end.

  3. I will say, it has been quite something the last few weeks.
    Death, surgery, earthquake, hurricane...
    I am waiting for the locust to arrive any day now.

  4. Yes it does seem like you have gotten the worst of things lately. I'm so glad you don't have much damage and have electricity. In 2004 we were without power for almost 2 weeks and it was a living hell.

  5. Thanks for the update. Good to know you weathered the storm ok. We in the Midwest were feeling a wee bit guilty over the glorious weather we had this weekend.

  6. I'm glad to hear you weathered the storm well. My in-laws in DC were happy to have Irene move on as well.

  7. oh, maybe it is time for an e-book 'rant'.
    I went with the regular Nook at first, because i wanted an e-ink rather than a back-lite reader like the Nook Color or an iPad.
    Also, I wanted one that I could use to borrow library books, which I can not with a Nook. Also at the time Netgalley, from whom I also get books, was having Kindle issues.
    I just think the Nook is more versatile than the Kindle and I don't like the Kindle's keyboard.

    Of course, then I also went out and bought a nook Color..because I wanted a new toy! lol

  8. I'm glad you and your family made it through ok. Hope your sil heals quickly!

  9. Glad you survived the storm. I came through it completely unscathed -- did not even lose power. But parts of New England are experiencing terrible flooding.

  10. We barely had anything … a few trees down, some roads flooding. I think we got through pretty easily all things considered. From the news, I thought it was going to be so much worse. Hope your sister-in-law heals well!

  11. Glad to hear you did well in the storm. So did we. I'm on Long Island and I thought we'd be the worst it, but it didn't do much damage to our house at all. Others didn't do as well.

  12. Caite - glad u are fine (us too). VT just was not expecting what they got. I have a coworker from VT who spends the week here (well not here with me...LOL). He said it was incredible there.

  13. relieved to hear you are okay and not too much damage to your house. No electricity is such a pain. Fortunately our utilities are underground.

    How are you liking your Nook Color so far? Murder at the Vicarage is free at B&N today.

  14. did you find the bendy straws? we had some!!

  15. yes, I found the bendy straws!

    Kaye, I like the Nook color...and the Nook e-ink.

  16. SO glad you are all Ok and already back to blogging :)

  17. Hi Caite,

    Glad to hear that you did not suffer too much personal damage, but thinking of all those people who did not fare so well.

    The whole world is experiencing some pretty freak weather conditions and natural phenomena just lately,do you think that someone 'up there' is trying to tell us all something?

    Hope that your sister-in-law continues to improve each day.



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