Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Cooking... Grilled Nutella

I love Nutella. I love it so much that I can not really have a jar of it in my house, because I will take a spoon and within a few days, spoon by spoon, it will be gone. It is the nectar of the gods!!

Now I also love Venice. It is a beautiful city abd since I always think any trip is made better bu adding a boat...well Venice is a perfect city because just about ever trip, even crossing the street if the 'happens' to be the Grand Canal, involves a boat.
But you know what is even better?
There is Nutella everywhere!

It is on the breakfast table in these cute little container. Are they not the cutest little things? And they are all ready to spread on your warm croissant. Oh my...oh my..

Then, they sell it on the street. There were stands selling "Nutella To Go", a container of Nutella with little cookie/cracker things to dip it out with. I guess fingers are not acceptable?
Finally, near our hotel was a stand selling crepes made to order. Yes, you could have them filled with fruit, or ice cream I think...but why would you when one of the choices was Nutella?

So, I found myself home and was experiencing a little Nutella withdrawal.
Yes, I could have just bought a jar...a little jar...and got my favorite little spoon out, but I was aiming just a little higher. Not quite as high as America's Test Kitchen's recipe for Nutella Bread Pudding, which I will make one day but not today.

No, I was looking for something a little more simple.
And I found it!

Grilled Nutella!

Just three ingredients.
  • Bread. I used Cinnamon Bread. Perfect
  • Nutella
  • Mascarpone Cheese.

I put a tiny bit of butter on the outside of the bread, although since I made it on my Griddler, it was probably not necessary. But a bit of butter can't hurt, right?
On the inside of one piece of bread, spread some Nutella. I will warn you, do not get too greedy or it will ooze.
On the other piece, spread some Mascarpone.
Keep the ooze factor in mind again.

Place on the hot Griddler...or a hot frying pan if you are not blessed with what is, without doubt, the perfect grilled cheese making appliance.
Close, and leave on until brown.
We are talking a pretty brief amount of time.

Now here is the key.
Remove and let it sit for a minute and rest or you will have some very messy, very hot drips.

If you are a Nutella fan, I think this is something you will want to try.
And invite me over.
Because my Nutella jar will be empty.

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  1. When my daughter went to Paris several years ago she said her friends couldn't stop eating the Nutella crepes.

    She doesn't eat chocolate, so she abstained, lol.

  2. I am definitely going to make this! Wish I had one now, looks so good.

  3. ahhh .. yes .. the chocolate crepes in
    Paris are made with Nutella and they are
    simply divine.!!

  4. Nutella was all over when we lived in France and we never became fans, so I don't think I'll be fixing this one.

  5. I had nutella for the first time about a month ago (I know...I must live under a rock). Anyway, I have experimented with it as well and have decided that toasting a Pepridge Farm Deli round (100 calories) and adding just a very light spread of nutella makes for a delicious - rather nutritious snack :) I will have to try your grilled version soon.

  6. Like a grilled cheese...but with Nutella?!?!? Oh dear, I think I'm in trouble now.

  7. OMG - actually, sounds like a "poor man's" tiramisu. Yum!

  8. And with mascarpone? Yow, talk about grilled heaven! I don't know how you even had the patience to let it sit for a minute when it was done. YUM!!

  9. Te kids and I have decided we need to try this. We are huge Nutella fans! I'm hoping our George Foreman grill will work for it.

  10. Those little nutella containers are cute. I'm imagining them all over Venice. Amazing. The sandwich looks and sounds wonderful.

  11. Oh my. This sounds amazing. I'm another one who really can't have Nutella in the house as a regular thing, but the next time I have guests....

  12. I've had Nutella before, but never heard of Mascarpone, even though I'm a huge cheese lover. Will have to try this!
    Here's My WC

  13. I tasted Nutella when I visited Italy and I liked it but I never thought to eat it back home! This looks good. I'll have to give it a try.

  14. I love Nutella and mascarpone - but together??? I'll have to try it.

  15. I must forward a link to this post to my daughter who is a Nutella afficianado. So glad you enjoyed your trip.

  16. Exactly what Margaret said: love the Nutella (and those packets are adorable) and love mascarpone. Never thought of having them together. Have griddler, will try.

  17. Wow, this sounds like it would be a big hit in this house!

  18. Hi caite,

    Nutella is widely available in most stores, here in the UK and has in fact, been highlighted as a food that is good for you in moderation, as part of a balanced diet.... SERIOUSLY!!

    Mind you, what they call moderation wouldn't work in our house, as I love the stuff. For that reason I never buy it, so that I am not tempted.

    Your recipe sounds fantastic!!


  19. Oh wow. This looks amazing! I didn't discover nutella until I was an adult, which seems to be more than 20 years of wasted time. I have tried to make up for lost time however. I've seen the nutella crepes in Europe but have sadly not had one yet. Next trip for certain! In the meanwhile I could do this.... I could see my 10 year old really liking this.


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