Monday, April 11, 2011

Musing Monday...Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

Hey kids, let's wander over to Should Be Reading and check out what MIzB has for us to think about his week.

This week’s musing asks…
If you’re a mood reader, what (genre) do your moods usually call you to read?

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

A little gruesome, but don't be scared. It's only make believe.
No secret that my go-to, all-the-time favorite genre is mysteries.
Day, night..or in my case...middle of the night, I always love a mystery.
No, I am not really a moody reader, except that I am almost always in the mood for a few dead bodies, the police knocking at the door and a killer lurking in the shadows..or behind a mask in plain sight. Yep, them I am a happy camper.
Except when I'm not.

Yes, even I can have enough of murder and mayhem and need to read something else on the rare occasion. But it is rare because the wonderful world of mysteries is so varied, offers go many different things to fit your mood. You can find something very complex, or something straight forward, some with a touch of romance, some even wandering into the world of science fiction or other strange places. You can find a light and fluffy cozy, or a very dark and deadly bit of noir...and I tend toward the dark end of the spectrum. But sometimes when the stars align, I need a little sunshine and light. Or at least something different, a bit of a change. Maybe a sweet doggie tale...but no sad animal stories, please. I don't mind people getting killed in books, but not animals. Did I ever mention that I have never seen the movie Bambi because I heard that Bambi's mom dies...{{sob}}

Sometimes I even go in search a bit of non-fiction, although I will admit that it unusual for me. I haven't gone back and done a count, but I think it would be a handful of books in a year. Even then, it really has to be about a subject that really interests me. Not memoirs, which about 95% of the time seem very self indulgent to me. Not history. I am sorry, but most of it just bores me, unless maybe it it is about a place I have some connection to. Not science, which brings back unhappy high school lab class memories. That poor fetal pig..and that frog! Finance...psychology...biography...bleh. You can see my problem.
I must admit, I feel a little guilty about my minimal non-fiction reading. It seems like a good thing to do, mind enhancing, resulting in personal growth and such...but I don't care. For me reading is not really about education. I think I know enough. My brain is almost full. No reading is about pleasure. Reading is about escape.

The fact that the place I like to escape to is full of murder and death and killers..well, that is another story.


  1. WOW.. I like warm and cozy. I agree with you, my reading is for pleasure and entertainment.

  2. As you know I love mysteries. It used to be that it was the ONLY thing I read. Now I am a little more diverse. So I have to you read the non-fiction of mysteries...true crime? Now THAT is my all time favorite genre. Amazing, amazing stuff out there in this category. This is the stuff that gives me nightmares.

  3. You and I are soul sisters under the skin. Mysteries are my ultimate go-to books. Just a nice murder is what I need at times.

    I finished a book last night and told my husband that I was so sad about the storyline. He asked if I had read another "dead baby" book (what he calls most literary fiction). I said that I guessed so. He said that I better go pick up one of my mysteries so I could read about a nice murder or serial killer. LOL

    Is there something wrong with that you think? By the way, Bambi isn't that bad and so cute. You are missing Thumper and Flower. :-)

  4. I hear ya, Tootsie! Mysteries are definitely the first choice for me. Non fiction is a no go. I like historical fiction yet I don't read it all that often. Bambi is a tear jerker and so is Old Yella (er) I couldn't watch that movie again for anything. These days it's all about pleasure reading. At my age when I learn something, I usually forget it soon after anyway. Have a good week!

  5. no, no Old Yeller for me either!

    "dead baby" book (what he calls most literary fiction)...I LOVE

    I will admit that I have tried to mix some non-mysteries in. there are some good books out there that are not mysteries. but honestly, I could be happy forever with my favs.

    Sandy..true, oddly enough I have never read it. maybe I don't want it that read.

  6. I occasionally like a good mystery..but I would prefer it to have some kind of paranormal elemet to it. I am a mood reader. Check out my answer for this week's Musing on Monday.

  7. I sobbed like a moron when I saw Bambi for the first time.
    I also really enjoy mysteries, they make for a wonderful escape.
    Here's mine:
    Day 18 – A book that disappointed you

  8. I pretty much only read mysteries and litfic... like you, I'm not a non-fiction fan.

  9. I don't consider myself a moody reader either, but there are some books I have to be in the right mood to read. I think I just contradicted myself.

  10. I, too, turn to mystery/suspense. To become part of the story, the thrill of it whereas in real life, I would run and hide lol.

  11. yes Kathy...but I totally understand!

  12. i like biographies. i also liked reading freakonomics and the tipping point.

    they are enriching ;)

  13. I love mysteries. I am a moody reader, though, and love my cozies and romances for those times.

  14. I'm very moody...I have to mix it up or I get bored. Be sure to check out my soon to come as soon as I get around to writing it post on three reasons to read non-fiction!


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