Monday, March 28, 2011

Musing Monday...Shhhhh...It's Too Quiet!

Do you read books while you…
…eat? … bathe?… watch movies or tv?… listen to music?… While you’re on the computer?

Bottom line, do I multitask while reading and the answer is, for better or worse, I do.

I do draw the line at bathing. My mother was a big bath reader and having seen the sad state of more than one book that decided to join her in the drink, I would not do that. Happily, as I remember they were always mass market paperbacks, which back then were pretty cheap...but still, it was a sad sight.
Besides, I take showers, and I can't quite see how to do that. Perhaps there is an invention lurging in there.

But the others, yes, I am guilty.
Eat? Sure! You just have to be careful not to sully the book with food stains. That is just wrong. One of those cookbook holder comes in handy. And the TV will be on at the same time, thank you very much.

'Real' books, e-books on my book, books on my computer, I have done them all with the TV or music on. In fact, I doubt I ever read without the TV on or music playing. I need some sort of background noise.
Now it depends, on what I am reading and what I am watching or listening to as to what that background might be. A really good book, something that is really holding my attention, would be some nice instrumental music in the background, maybe something classical. On the other hand, a book I am not loving, just slogging through, I might be 'watching' tv with half an eye. But even then it would be something like HGTV or 'Flying Alaska' (love that show), not something you really have to watch watch., I think I draw the line at watching a movie and reading a book at the same time. Ok, a magazine maybe...LOL

I don't do anything on the computer and read, because being on the computer is already reading, isn't it, and even I have my limits. Now, of course, when I am on the computer the TV is on..I assume you are getting the idea. I always have or TV ..on whatever I am doing.
I do not find it a distraction..just the opposite. I find quiet a distraction! I did my homework with the TV on, I have a TV on at work, I have a TV on when I do housework, I listen to music on my iPod when I do yard work and of course the radio is always on in the car. It the soundtrack of my life!


  1. in the bath tub? even if i did (which i dont) i wouldn't tell ppl bc who whats that visual?

  2. I do some things while I read, not as much as you do. I have to admit that I like my quiet.

  3. I get so many food stains on my books it's ridiculous.
    Here's mine:

  4. I only eat while reading with a bunch of wipes so I don't get food on the book.

    You can see my answer HERE

  5. I also need some type of low volume TV or music while reading or I will find myself falling asleep if it's a book that I have to push through.

  6. I'm right in there with you on the multi-tasking, and YES I read when I bathe. Never lost a book yet. The answer to showering and reading? Audio book, plugged into the boom box!

  7. Sandy, that is an excellent suggestion...if audio books did not, unlike noise, drive me to distraction.

  8. I like my peace and quiet while I read. Oh I may eat snacks while I read but not at any meals.

    Thanks for your visit today.

  9. Have you been looking at the
    toast crumbs on my keyboard ???

  10. My favorite is reading while I eat and I kind of like it quiet so no background noise, although I'll look through pattern books and magazines while watching TV. I have a friend who reads on a floating chair in the pool and, you guessed it, I have quit lending her books.

  11. Mr Jenners is a constant noise person too!!! Drives me nuts! I like my peace and quiet...especially when I am reading.

  12. Nope, gotta be quiet for me to read. Generally, I like quiet anyway. Hardly ever have the tv on during the day. The older I get it seems the harder it is to concentrate.

  13. Muti-tasking is great!!! What would we do if that were not an option? I would not get everything I need to do done in my day! However it not always the best way to go because when you do two or three things at once, none of them are done to their full potential. Even with something small, for example, writing an essay while listening to music. You cannot concentrate as well.
    If I were able I would try to do each task I have to do separately but right now in my life when is that possible?


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