Monday, January 3, 2011

Musing Monday...Back For the New Year!!

Well, we are starting a new year here at a lovely shore breeze...and in the rest of the world...and let me just say how happy I am that we are starting the year with the re-start of Musing Monday after MizB took a short rest from the meme. So let's check out what this week's question is.
This week’s musing is a simple one to start off the new year…
How many books did you read in 2010? If you had a reading goal, did you meet it? What books are you most looking forward to reading for 2011 (either new, OR ones that have sat on your shelves for a while)?
Let me just say first of all that I am happy it is an easy on,because today is the first time I will be working the day shift at my job in a month and since I barely remember what I do there in the day time, I need to save all my brain power. No, I was not off work all month. I just had enough vacation days left to take all the day shifts. half of what I work off.
So today will be a shock.
I really hope I win that Mega Million lottery this week...295 millions.
Let's just say I would not be working any more day shifts.
Or night shifts.

But back to books, something that suffered a bit over the Christmas season. When things must get done, reading is something that has to give up it's place. Which is maybe why, in comparison to many bloggers of a bookish nature, i seem to have read a fairly small number of books. I reviewed 89 books, or so the numbers I gave each one says. Now I have a few I never got around to reviewing and I have a number that I intentionally did not choose to review, so I would put the actual number at about 100.

More than some people have read in a lifetime, but not at all impressive in BlogLand, where a couple of hundred or more does not seem uncommon. I would claim quality over quantity, but that isn't true either. ,any of these huge readers are finishing big, serious books, not like kiddy books or mysteries or something.

Oh my, I can't take the pressure, the failing comparisons...


  1. I read and reviewed 160 books in 2010, but it still seems like small potatoes in comparison to some bloggers!

  2. the comparisons drive me crazy sometimes, too. 89 books is a lot- more than i read in 2010- you have nothing to apologize for!

  3. I find that the faster/more I read, the less I actually remember the books after I'm done. I thnk really I would like to make myself read less and read slower so the books stay in more.

  4. I am a slow reader compared to the rest of the bloggers, including you. I think 100 books in a year is fantastic. I do a lot of other reading besides books, so all in all I guess if I could count that reading, it would add up to a lot more books. hee, hee.

    Happy Reading.

  5. I don't think there's any reason to compare what you read to what other people read - this isn't a contest. I'd say you had a great year!

  6. Around the holidays, I tend to slow down as well...there is just too much going on...ironically, that seems to be the time when everyone wants a book I get backed up. *sighs* Check out my Monday Musing for this week.

  7. Well said Kathy (bermudaonion)! My daughter and I read a lot of books, my sons may read one to three a year. My husband may not even finish one in a year, but hey we are all reading!

  8. It's not a contest?
    well, I think you can't help but compare your numbers to others...or at the very least to goals you set yourself. It is human nature..

  9. I'm glad someone pointed out that it's not a contest; individual priorities differ. Any reading is a good thing!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. I am not totally


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