Monday, June 21, 2010

Musing Monday...Favorite Genres

This weeks Musing Monday question, as always, hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading...

This week’s musing asks:
Name your top 2-3 favorite genres (the ones you read most from).

This is an easy one.

Without question, my go-to-comfort read genre is mystery books. But that is a bit vague. The mystery genre is huge and not all of them appeal to me. I don't really like what is usually call 'cozies'.which you might define as a mystery set in a small town or some sort of defined place, usually where the central characters are non-crime professionals, ordinary people and which is usually light on the gore and violence.

No, I must admit I like the gore, the serial killers, the hardboiled PI or flawed cop. Suspense, thrillers, police procedurals..and for good measure, you know if you read my MM on a regular basis, if you have this all take place by the sea or in a really cold place, that would be appreciated. Tess Gerritsen, Cody McFadyen, Chelsea Cain, Ingrid Black, Denise Mina, Stieg Larsson and Arnaldur Indriðason are a few names that come to mind. It would also seem, looking at that list that a foreign setting is a plus too.

Now, that is not to say I have not read less gory mysteries, even sort of funny ones like the Evanovich books. At one time, I read a whole bunch of them. They are nice for a break, but I have sort of lost my taste for them as a main part of my reading diet.

Beside mysteries I am very fond of books that I think are represented by the books of Dean Koontz. Koontz is often listed as a horror writer, but I don't think that is true. Some of his books have a horror element, some a sci-fi element, some are thrillers...but I thing they all share a certain paranormal element. Not to mention those almost human golden retrievers that turn up so much. Sort of paranormal thrillers is what I would call them. I very much liked his Odd Thomas books.
Recently I have also been reading a fair bit of dystopia books. I would not consider myself a hard core fan, but I think some of them are very good and explore some interesting ideas and situations. Maybe that is what they have in common...the exploration of interesting ideas and themes, Good and Evil, the Big Issues.

Actually, it is easier to say what genres I don't like....but at the risk of starting a brawl, I don't think I will list them. :-)


  1. Now, wee Caite, who on earth would brawl with you?

  2. Oh c'mon ... I know you're just spoiling for a fight!! ; )

  3. oh, if I discussed my dislike of romances...historical fiction...fantasy..."woman's lit"...chick lit...memoirs...oh, some people might get upset. People get attached to their genres.

    Oh no, too late now! lol

  4. I think the most gory books I have read are the Iris Johansen books, especially the Eve Duncan series.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love mysteries too, but haven't been reading too many lately. I need to rectify that.

  6. You were right with your comment on My Reading Corner, I like the light mysteries, not the ones you like. But, that is why there are so many genres to choose from. What a dull world we would live in if we all liked the same things. Thanks for stopping by and visiting and leaving such a nice comment.

  7. Like you, I'm a huge fan of mysteries. Though I also have a real passion for well-written short stories. I love to carry a book of those in my big purse. So when people are (inevitably) late in meeting me places I stay happily entertained!

  8. I think you and I were hatched out of the same nest. I will read a cozy, but I'd rather have the hard core stuff and the tortured protagonist. And crime just goes better with cold weather, doesn't it? Plus it makes you want to curl up and take stock. Koontz is way under-rated I think. There was one book I read of his that was amazing, and was not horror at all. Something about an iceberg? It's been so long, but I remember it blew me away. Now, you need to divulge your hate list, but I love a good brawl!

  9. Not a fan of cozies. I like the gritty stuff as well.

  10. Although mysteries are my favorite genre - I can go from either cozies or the more gory ones. I love the Evanovich books although I'm behind on that series.

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog, Cait...yours is very lovely!

    I, too, enjoy a mystery...somewhere between cozy and gore!

  12. Yes, I like short stories too...a really good short story is a lovely, perfect little creation. As you will see in tomorrows review, I don not think longer is better.

    Koontz is underrated!
    Ok, I will admit not all his books are of the same quality, but they range from the good to the excellent.
    Sandy, I have the same problem with his books. I have read so many, over such a period of time that I can't go back and find one in particular that I loved. I remember it had something to do with the cold...maybe it was an iceberg!

  13. Koontz is a favorite of mine, I liked the Odd Thomas series too.
    I agree, crime stories go better with cold weather :)


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