Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Tuesday Thinger. And I Need a Stinking Badge!

My favorite day of the week Bandit Day Tuesday Thinger Day. So, what is this week's question from Wendi's Book Corner...

Questions: Were you aware that you could edit the book details from the cover images under Your Library? Do you have a quick way you like to update books that are already in your library? Do you have any topics/areas you'd like to explore on Tuesday Thingers or general blog/book topics for the coming weeks?

No, I didn't. In fact, I don't think that I have even looks at the 'cover' view of my books. Gosh, book cover are so pretty, aren't they. I especially love how they look all in a group, all neatly lined up like they are on that view. Or a very, very neat bookshelf.
Another reason you all should back away from the Evil Kindles.
Quick Kitty, put the soap box away before they see it....wow, that was close. :-)

Usually, I edit books from the "Your Books" page, but in the list view. You can edit a lot right from there- rating, tags, author, title, just about everything. And you can also click on the power edit, which looks like a lightening bolt, and edit a whole bunch at once. Not as pretty as the covers, but it works. Oh, what a wonder Library Thing is, so many ways to do things, oops, the soapbox is peaking out again....lol

In reality, most of the editing I do to books after I first put them in my library is from the "Common Knowledge" page of each book. Adding first or last words of the book, dedications, who wrote blurbs for the book, names, places and such...because I want a Gold Helper Badge on my profile page. We have discussed those helper badges before on Tuesday Thinger. I have one bronze and two silver but I want GOLD! GOLD I TELL YA!! A few hundred more entries and one will be mine! GOLD!

What can I say, I am distracted by shiny objects.
And I am also sometimes distracted by a picture of Bandit, this week looking like one cool dude. Or one strange little doggie.

Bandit, did you spend your allowance on those shades?


  1. Ha ha! Love the shades. THose will protect him from the brightness of your gold badge for sure!!

  2. Bandit is one cool dog!

    I like the widget and making my library, but I really haven't explored much on the site.

  3. I don't add all that much to my LT pages, so a shortcut isn't that much help to me. I'm not going to let my dog see this because if she finds out Bandit gets an allowance, she will have a fit! He is adorable.

  4. yes Lenore, he got those to be ready!

    kaye, I think he needed a hat, maybe a jaunty cap.

    Kathy, if your dog can surf the net and see that, she deserves an allowance. of course, Bandit has a blog.

  5. Aha ! Shiny objects,eh? Did you know that penguins are so attracted. They love shiny objects. You have more in common with the bird than you thought.

  6. Kaye, I am fond of penguins. They are cute...they like cold weather....they like shiny objects. yes, we are a lot alike.

    Bandit, maybe I need to stop running your picture. you might get a swelled head.
    then your glasses will not fit.

  7. :) Bandit is so cute in those sunglasses! I can't keep them on my 2 year old - don't know how you kept them on him. :)

    You know, I was trying to update my tags on my bookshelf, and couldn't get it to work from that page - I had to click on each book. I'll have to go back and explore more views.

    :) wendi


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