Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How To Win an Early Reviewer Book on Library Thing!

Ok, actually, I have no idea. None at all. I was sort of hoping you could tell be how, 'cause I ain't doing very well at it recently myself. So let's look at this whole Early Review thing a bit more.
Thinger, Thinger, where is my Tuesday Thinger. Well, at Wendi's Book Corner of course!

This week, I've got an EASY Thinger!! If you have ever participated in the Early Reviewer program (and even if you haven't), you can now check the books you have received and hopefully reviewed against the list that ER thinks you should have. (Hopefully this link will take you to YOUR list, and not mine, which is a whopping ZERO since last September!! Have I set a record here?? No problems - I've always got plenty of books to review) ;)

The list will also allow you to mark a book as NOT received, so that it will not count against you when you request additional Early Reviewer books. :)

Questions: Have you checked out your ER list? Is it accurate? Did you need to mark any books as not received? Any suggestions for upcoming topics??

Well, thought I, how to check if my ER list is accurate? I know! I will use 'tags' as we discussed last week. All my ER books are tagged Early Reviewers, so I go to the Library Thing tag tab (say that 5 times fast) and yes, it is accurate. Well, they don't actually agree since the new page shows 8 books and I have 10 books tagged ER, but that is because when I received one book, it was the third in a series and the publisher actually sent all three, the first two of which I have not read yet.

I am not sure I have mentioned before how much I appreciate the Library Thing Early Reviewer program. It was ER that first opened my eyes to the fact that there was such a thing as ARCs, or Advanced Reader Copies, available from publishers. Who knew?? How amazing!
And every month, when I peruse the available books, looking to request a few I might like and one of which I might be lucky enough to get, I find so many interesting books to check out for possible future purchases. Heaven knows I need more books and more book ideas...not. ;-)
So the ER page is always a source of entertainment for me.Which is good, because that is about all it has been for me in the last 6...7...8...months.

I have always received in the mail the books I was awarded. In a timely fashion, I have read and reviewed each, often in days, moving it right to the top of the towering To Be Read Pile, with my imaginary kitty, Kitty, cowering in fear at the bottom of said pile.
Now, not to complain, because yes, I have received 8 books from the Early Reviewer program and I, like many of you, am not in any great need of books. But see, I have reviewed each book ASAP, I have tagged, I have many, about 2000, books listed in my library. But no books awarded to caite for so, so long.

What is the secret?? Is there really a secret algorithm? I see books that just look perfect for me based on books already in my library, but nada. So sad....

Ok, complaining done!
But I do like the new ER 'Books you've won' page...it reminds me of my good fortune in the past and after all, every month is another chance to win. And another. And another... lol

Well, we have a few new Bandit pictures in our catalog presently, so here is one for you Bandit loving folks. Oh, the poor little feller was scared by the fireworks on the 4th of July...

..at least he had his blankie!


  1. Why no video? You're behind the times, tisk tisk. ;)

    Have you been giving up the Brie? You know THAT'S the secret to the whole ER program.

  2. I know nothing about how to get early reviewer books. So far I have only received one. I have to admit that I am not very active on library thing though, and an ever decreasing number of books are available to the UK, so all these factors count against me.

    I hope you manage to find your book gaining luck back soon!

  3. Snagging a book is only the first step, trying to actually get the book in hand can be tricky. In May Abby left me the msg that I had managed to snag a book. This is the end of July and still no book despite my persistent trips to the mailbox. I did check out the new feature at LT and it said I had received the book. WRONG! So after fixing that little glitch weeks ago, I now find myself still bookless. At least from LT.
    Hopefully your dry spell will end soon!

    Bandit looks so cute with his blankie! Good thing he is not a dalmation, it would be lost on him.

  4. Brie...Brie...what about ER and brie???

    Video is ok Lenore, at least for cats, but still photography is more artistic for the superior dog...lol

    Ok folks, I admit I was spoiled. I got a book the first month I joined the ER program, never had a book not arrive, had all the USA listed ones to pick from. Yes, I admit I was spoiled...{{sob..sob}}

  5. I've had amazing luck with the Early Reviewer program ... I started just this past November and I've gotten 6 books -- pretty much almost every month. I didn't get one last month though so perhaps my run is over. I did make some early blunders and request books that I actually wouldn't like to much (Christian Fiction) so I've been more selective in what I request now. It is a great way to see what is coming down the pike though.

    And I do like that new tool as well.

    And I remember getting my first Early Reviewer book -- I was over the moon. I felt like I had pulled one over on someone somewhere! I've always taken my ER duties quite seriously -- they get read almost immediately upon receipt and I try to do very thorough reviews. Perhaps that is the secret ... who knows?

  6. jenners, you know you will not get another one now, right? lol

    and I hate to tell ya, but whatever the secret is, that is not it, because I did the same....until I stopped getting any ER books.


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