Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Cutest Dog in the World

What with Thanksgiving and all, I have been a bit distracted from reading. But I must share with you a new blog I found called the world from down here..
Ok, I didn't actually find it. It is my niece's new dog's blog...hey, dogs can have blogs...and since he is without doubt the cutest dog I have ever met, I thought you should 'meet' him too.

Hey Bandit...good Bandit....good boy...who is the cutest doggie in the whole world...yes, you are...yes, you are...


  1. Bandit is awfully cute, but my dog might be just a tiny bit cuter. ;)

  2. PUPPY! Aww, he's absolutely adorable!

  3. Bermudaonion, I am sure your dog is cute...but really, Bandit is without question the cutest dog in the world.

    And he is so smart that he has a blog...

  4. Hi Caite, no this is not book or dog related (lol) but since I follow your blog I just wanted to invite you come back and visit me at
    http://kayespenguinposts.blogspot to see the new Sweet Saturday recipe sharing idea. You can leave a link to your blog and I am keeping a link list and every Saturday in December bloggers can post a new recipe. I'm just asking that you link back to my blog so I can keep the link list. It should be a lot of fun. I hope you can join in. Watch for the Sweet Saturday logo and instructions posted tomorrow, Dec 1st.

  5. well Kaye, thyat sounds like a good idea...hmmm...I have some ideas..

    But you have to admit that he is the cutest dog in th world...right? ;-)

  6. THAT is a cute dog. Even so, Emmy wouldn't like him.


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